Season 1

January to March 2018.  Welcome to the first season of This Marketing Life Podcast.  If there is a certain topic you would like to see covered, please send your feedback to me.

Episode 1Current Challenges for Marketing Managers
Episode 2The State of Marketing Dis-Education
Episode 3 Hottest 6 Marketing Trends for 2018
Episode 4 10 Key Skills of a Marketing Manager
Episode 5 Data, Privacy and the GDPR – what Marketers need to know
Episode 6Job Hunting for Marketers
Episode 7

How To Align Your Marketing Goals, Strategy and Tactics

Episode 8My first month as a Marketing Manager


Season 2

Episode 1

Being A Data-Driven Marketer

Episode 2

Betsy Pavlica VP Social Media

Episode 3

Marketing Trends 2019: Breaking them Down

Episode 4TBA
Episode 5TBA
Episode 6TBA
Episode 7TBA
Episode 8TBA