Data, Privacy and the GDPR – What Marketers Need To Know

Episode 5

What are you doing with your data, and when are you deleting it?

Yes, you read that right – deleting it – your data.  New legislation is coming into play in 2018, and it is becoming a big talking point for Marketing Managers around the globe.  Big discussions are finally taking place around data management, or lack of management implications and facing the reality that you may have to delete lead and customer data or face penalties.

In this episode, I discuss the latest in data, privacy and the scary (not so scary) GDPR.

As more and more data becomes available, and we are encouraged to get more data to do more, we really need a plan around what data we are collecting, what data we actually need, what we will do with the data, how we will communicate our data management with leads and customers, and when we plan to delete the data.

As a Marketing Manager, you must step up and be all over this.  Either as a leader, or as support to the leader.

1. Have a Data Protection Plan or Policy

Firstly, Aussies read this >>> Australian Privacy Act – 13 Principles PDF Document

Other countries, you may find this website helpful – International Comparative Legal Guides.

Secondly, your business should have a Data Policy or Information Governance Policy.  Either way, you need a document that details what your business is doing with your data.

As I mentioned in the episode, if you are interested in an Australian Data Protection Policy Template, you can receive it via Email if you pop in your details below. Other countries can also use this template, but must update it with your own country legislation:

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2. Update your Privacy Policy

Once you, and all your internal stakeholders know your Data Protection Plan, you then need it turn it into a customer facing document.

Communication is key when it comes to presenting your business as meeting all the legislative requirements, as well as respected your customers data.

Your company’s legal team may help you in this area.  Otherwise, here are some websites that can help you (mostly for free)…

3. Understand the GDPR

Coming into effect on the 25th of May 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) primarily affects businesses based in the European Union.  However, if you have an office in the EU, or service any customers there, the law may apply to your business as well.

Full details of the regulation are on the European Commission’s website.

If you are in Australia, I recommend you read the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s – Official PDF Guide for Australian Businesses.

And check out the IAB Simplify & Inspire Podcast, which includes the interview with Justin Cudmore.

Businesses that have already faced data/ privacy fines:

Other Resources:

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